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Practice more, and play better golf. Guaranteed. Now, there is obviously more to it. You need to know the fundamentals, develop mental control, but most importantly, practice.

David Leadbetter says, "Your final goal is to convert your athletic swing to pure instinct rather than conscious thought." 

Everyone can play this game and have fun. But if you want to improve and get more out of golf, hit balls, putt and chip on a regular basis.

To find out more about golf courses and practice facilities on the Central Coast, please fill out THIS FORM.

You can play good golf and be mechanical, but tapping into your subconcious gets you into that zone. You've felt it. Playing great and thinking about nothing. As your body changes, your golf swing will evolve too. By building solid fundamentals and positive mental images, you can re-discover the magic of this game.

Have a Smart Phone? The video camera is outstanding for seeing your swing. Everyone is visual. Seeing your swing  and comparing it to touring pros is a great tool for any golfer dedicated to having more fun while getting better at this wonderful game.



Wes McKee - Golf Coach


  • Paso Robles GC

  • Chalk Mt GC

  • Morro Bay GC

  • Dairy Creek GC

  • Blacklake GC

  • Cypress Ridge GC

  • Central Coast Golf Academy

INSTRUCTION – My style is easy-going and focused on fundamental mechanics then quickly miving inyo the mental aspects of golf. Together, we determine short-term and long-term goals, and take steps toward better fundamentals. I'll teach you positive thinking and good practice habits resulting in consistently lower scores.


COMPETITIVE THINKING – On-course decisions make the biggest impact on your score. Learn when to go for the pin and when to lay back. Get three friends and book a playing lesson at any central coast golf course. 


VIDEO & TECHNOLOGY – Have a smartphone? Turn it into the best learning tool in the bag. Many say, "I don't want to see my swing."  But your mind will fix things just by seeing your swing. Try it! Then contact click the button to sign-up for a lesson.

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